Drawing from life seeing its beauty, and interpreting it is the gratification and rewards of art. The Visual Arts student at the Center for the Arts at Norland Middle is able to experience the world in personal and stimulating ways. Students have the opportunity to explore and develop their artistic talent in a studio environment, by being exposed to visual problems in the areas of drawing painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture and technology. Three levels of arts instruction develop fundamental skills into individual style and method. arious media from pencil to photography are explored to bulid manipulative kills and specialized effects. Students are motivated through diect observation, imagunative interpretation and unique eperience. Valuable exposure to field trips to local art museums and workshops with visiting artists helps students comprehend the cultural and historical basis of art as well as contemporary aret movements. Students record their feelings, thoughts and ideas in a sketch book/journal and produce a professional portfolio, which includes works for exhibition, competitions entry and accepttance into  specialized art school. The Goal of the Visual Arts program is to have students experiment and deelop unique approachs to visual problems, find self-confidence and creativity in the communication of beauty and form and to create epressive works that will further thier studies in adance arts program. Browse our eBrochure online

Visual Arts

Audition Requirements


AUDITION PROCESS AND REQUIREMENT: A portfolio consisting of ten or more best example of original artwork accomplihed by the student at home or in school, repersenting as many different media as possible. A three-part drawing test. Which consists of the following: observation drawing from a still life-creativity drawing including color-visual memory drawing. An interview to help detemine the student's level of discipline, interest, and suitability for the program. 


Visual Arts