We take great pride in welcoming Dr. Sacha T. Challenger to Norland Middle School, Husky Nation. Dr. Challenger is an alumnus of Florida Memorial University, where earned her Bachelors in  Nova  Southeastern University where she completed her Doctoral in Education in Organizational Leadership and Higher Education Leadership. She earned her Bachelors at Florida Memorial University. She has earned several other degrees such as an MBA and Ed.S. She continues to pursue excellence as our Principal here at Norland Middle School. 

Dr. Challenger truly believes that a successful school is built on strong core values of L.I.F.E  (Leadership, Integrity, Family, and Excellence). Working together as a school to meet the needs of our students. Our focus is to work collaboratively to Build on a Legacy of Excellence.

Once again we at Husky Nation welcome Dr. Sacha T. Challenger to Norland Middle School Visual and Performing Arts Magnet Program.

Dear Husky Nation

 I welcome students and their parents back to school from winter recess with renewed enthusiasm. I am confident that the new year will be a good one for the school community, students and their families. At Norland Middle School Attendance is important. Attendance counts. Attendance Matters. Parents, please ensure that your child is at school each and every day. Online programs enhance student learning through technology. Programs such as i-Ready, Mathia, Edmodo, and Khan Academy will continue to be used for both enrichment and intervention at school and at home. Please ensure that not only student received their minimum of 45 minutes weekly on i-Ready but that they have mastered lessons as well. Communication is critical when building a strong home-school connection. I also encourage you to continue your open dialogue and two way communication with classroom teachers. Stay updated with School Messenger. For school related information we will continue to utilize phone and email-blast, monthly activity calendar along with an updated website. You can also follow us on social media: Twitter and Instagram. Remember we are here to help your child succeed. Should you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact us. Thank you and once again, best wishes for the New Year as we together continue to “Build on a Legacy of Excellence”!


Dr. Sacha T. Challenger



Principal's Message