Dancers have the ability to communicate the splendor of the human experience through grace, control and rhythm. Dance students enjoy intensive training in ballet, modern and jazz. Students learn from professional consultants and guest artists. They attend local professional productions and perform in their productions, at local schools and community sponsored events. In addition to technique, the curriculum is balanced with dance history, injury prevention, anatomy, health and nutrition. Later in the year, students learn to compose and choreograph their own dance pieces that are adjudicated by professional dancers, and are performed for the public. The goal of the dance program is to achieve technical ability, cultivate artistry, enhance self-expression, and develop collaborative skills and think creatively. Students in the dance program are fully prepared for audition possibilities in advanced placement programs. Browse our eBrochure online.

Visual Arts

Drawing from life, seeing its beauty, and interpreting it are the gratification and rewards of art. The Visual Arts students at the Center for the Arts at Norland Middle are able to experience the world in personal and stimulating ways. Students have the opportunity to explore and develop their artistic talent in a studio environment, by being exposed to visual problems in the areas of drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, and technology. Three levels of art instruction develop fundamental skills into individual style and method. Various media from pencil to photography are explored to build manipulative skills and specialized effects. Students are motivated through direct observation, imaginative interpretation and unique experiences. Valuable exposure to field trips to local art museums and workshops with visiting artists helps students comprehend the cultural and historical basis of art as well as contemporary art movements. Students record their feelings, thoughts and ideas in a sketch book/journal and produce a professional portfolio, which includes works for exhibition, competitions, entry and acceptance into specialized art schools. The goals of the visual arts program is to have students experiment and develop unique approaches to visual problems, find self-confidence and creativity in the communication of beauty and form and to create expressive works that will further their studies in advanced arts programs. Browse our eBrochure online.


Music is an art from which all people value. Musicians are charged with its interpretation and communication. Music students at the Center for The Arts at Norland Middle, both vocal and instrumental, discover their own ability to interpret and communicate. The music programs offers three performance disciplines: Band, Chorus and Orchestra. Music students receive one hour of instruction in their performance discipline and one hour of music theory daily. Students enjoy intensive theory training which includes sight-reading, ear training, and composition. Vocal students have the opportunity to participate in Vocal Ensemble or Chorus. All ensembles perform regularly for school and community functions throughout the school year. Music students have the exciting experience of working with consultants in their area of concentration. Attending Master classes, field trips to professional performances increase awareness and develop critical thinking skills. The goal of the Music program is to focus on content knowledge, performance skills, discipline, career awareness and personal, social and musical values. Students apply what they have learned and are prepared for audition and placement in advanced programs. Browse our eBrochure online.


Theatre is the amusement of life. Theatre experiences the excitement of discovering life and re-enacting their discoveries for enjoyment of an audience. Self-awareness, confidence and the ability to communicate in many different media are the cornerstones of the Theatre Department at the Center for The Arts at Norland Middle School. Students are trained vocally and physically through scene study, pantomime, musical theatre, improvisation, monologues, play production, play writing, technical theatre and TV production. All students participate in main and second stage productions. Theatre students enjoy many field trips to professional theatres and performances. Many of our students regularly participate in local live performances throughout the community. Guest speakers and consultants further supplement our theatre department. Students participate in theatre festivals, state conferences, workshops and professional theater productions. The goal of the Theatre department is to develop students acting, technical and writing skills and to provide venues for performances expanding their career choices. Audition possibilities and advanced placement further their study of theatre. Browse our eBrochure online.