Dancers have the ability to communicate the splendor of the human experience through grace, control, and rhythm. Dance student enjoys intensive training in ballet, modern and jazz. Students learn from professional consultants and guest artists. They attend local professional production and perform in their production, at local schools and community sponsored events. In addition to technique, the curriculum is balanced with dance history, injury prevention, anatomy, health, and nutrition. Students learn to compose and choreograph their own dance piece that is adjudicated by professional dancers, and are performed for the public. The goal of the dance program is to achieve technical ability, cultivate artistry, enhance self-expression, and develop collaborative skills and think creatively. The student in the dance program are fully prepared for audition possibilities in advance placement programs. Browse our eBrochure online.

Dance Audition Requirement



SKILLS ACHIEVEMENT & POTENTIAL: Range of motion at the hip joint rotation (extension and flexion)-amount of natural range of motion at the ankle and knees-body flexibility, memory (ability to repeat a sequence of steps) NATURAL EPRESSIVENESS: presentation of self, musicality and stage performance presence HIGH ENERGY ACTIVITY: Turns and, leaps across the floor.

REQUIRED: Students MUST come wit a prepared solo in their strongest dance style. Bring cued cassette or CD cut at one minute. RECOMMENDED ATTIRE: Bun, hair pulled back from the face, leotards tights-shorts, socks and or T-shirt may be substituted for any of the above-leg warmer, covers, sweater jewelry, and toe shoes are not allowed. Boys may wear shorts, fitted-shirt & socks or dance attire. OPTIONAL: You may include a picture of yourself with this application